They are available in any style and any color

  • Knitted Interlining Fabric shower curtains can be made from not only standard percale, but also denim, satin, brocade, and terry cloth, among many other fabrics. Most fabric shower curtains are machine washable, which means they are easy to care for. Most will require the use of a shower curtain liner.Fabric shower curtains can come in any style, from simple to sophisticated.

    They can be solid, a print, or with appliqués or embroidery. The possibilities are nearly endless.Some are shaped like traditional flat-paneled curtains; others are more creative in style. For a country look or a romantic one, ruffled curtains are a popular choice. Some fabric shower curtains mimic the look of window drapes, complete with top valance and pull-back sides.

    They are available in any style and any color that you desire. You can then base the entire room's color and decorations around the curtain. Voila! Instant style.Call one of our Exhibit Consultants today at 800-767-8225 for a no obligation demonstration of our fabric mural pop-up.

    Fabric shower curtains are available with different attachment methods, as well, including button, tie, Velcro, snap, and the traditional hook.If you are feeling creative, Non-woven Lining fabric shower curtains are an easy do-it-yourself project. Complete directions are available at the Waverly website.Fabric curtains are a quick and easy way to give your bathroom an inexpensive bathroom makeover.