Bagh is special floral embroidery practised by women

  • Experimented with other stitches such as darning stitch, satin stitch and loop stitch, the fascination for Kantha has increased tremendously. Based on the use of the Knitted Interlining fabric, Kantha is divided into seven different types with Lep kantha and Sujani kantha being the popular types.Its practitioners are gypsies or tribal folk but the art is sublime - untouched, unparalleled.

    Bagh is special floral embroidery practised by women in rural Punjab. Heavy, exquisite embroidery on salwar kameez especially the lehenga type, where the base fabric is hardly visible, it is mostly done for special salwar suits for occasions like festivals and weddings. Phulkari or the floral embroidered motifs evenly distributed over the fabric is the lighter version of Bagh.

    Kashida is embroidery done in the Kashmir valley, draws its subjects from nature and its offerings like leaves, floral arrangements, fruits, nuts etc. to be displayed as motifs on the rich Pashmina salwar kameez, shawls and other apparel.Kutch embroidery is microscopic, exquisite, painstaking and absolutely awesome.

    It is a test of patience skill, memory and devotion rolled into one. The sensational designs and patterns that form from calculated stitches are done purely from memory. The outcomes are exotic masterpieces that have a blend of traditional flavor and modern day art. It is another masterpiece from the nomads of the desert, the Kutch region of Gujarat.

    Kasuti is traditional embroidery of Karnataka, India. Kasuti work is very intricate, involves putting a large number of stitches by hand on traditional sarees like Ilkal, Kanjeevaram, Mysore Silk and handlooms like the Dharwad cottons. Kasuti embroidery has intricate patterns like chariot, lamps and conch shells on the Non-woven Lining fabrics.