Interlining-factor Fabric painting has succeeded

  • Interlining-factor Fabric painting has succeeded to become a highly sought after art form that is now practised as a hobby as well as means of living. Its affordability is one of main attraction. Not only fabric painting can be enjoyed while doing it but it can also be a way to add to your wardrobe some bright and beautiful colours.

    The fabrics that were used in the early years of quilting were from plants. One of those plants was cotton which is still the choice fabric for quilters. Fabrics to try in the modern world offer quilters a playground of variety and the opportunity to experiment and expand their creativity. It is a quilters fabric paradise.

    We can choose from flannel, polyester and other synthetic blends, wool, linen, silks, metallic and glittery fabrics, fancy wedding fabrics and so much more. Also available are a couple of dozen other new cotton fabrics currently in the marketplace.

    You can bend these many different types of fabrics into your quilting project. You are no longer restricted to working with one choice of fabric, unless that is what you prefer. Blending different types of fabrics into one quilt makes the quilt look interesting and exciting.Quilters love fabrics. It is the fabric types that make the quilt interesting.

    Try using paisleys, prints, stripes, floral prints, polka dots, geometric prints, or other selections into one quilt. Experiment or plan your design before selecting fabrics. As you see your hand drawing or a quilting software of your original design you will begin to see how exciting and interesting your quilt will be.If you want to know more details, view