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  • Sinister truth behind the bikini Richard Bell Lessons on Etiquette

    THANKS lingerie manufacturer china to Richard Bell, the gold bikini has at last taken its place in the pantheon of Australian art.

    In Queensland where the indigenous artist Wholesale Corset lives, inspiration is everywhere as shiny young people adorn the beach - but in his first major Melbourne exhibition, the sinister truth behind the bikini emerges.

    Richard Bell's Wholesale Sexy Underwear 'Lessons on Etiquette and ... Man training with Log The Financial Review's new homepage Lebanese National Anthem Suffering is 'not just pain': MND and ... 'Can I have an injection now?': a dying ... Test stream Canberra 2 Australians a 'miserable bunch': DJs boss ''For a video installation I wanted to create stereotypical Australians, the beautiful, blonde Aryan-looking ones, and they also refer to the beach and the Cronulla riots,'' he says. ''I put them in bikinis and budgie smugglers. Then I added two black men in intellectual positions, which you never see on TV.''

    Bell's skewering of Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie our national identity has lost none of its heat since his political awakening in the 1970s. Amid the anguished history of race relations Bell creates art that's as fierce as it is funny.

    The two intellectuals in the Scratch an Aussie video are Bell himself, on a psychiatrist's couch, and his friend Gary Foley as the learned shrink, in a mock-therapy session interrupted by the girls in gold bikinis.