Reptile Uvb Lamp in your reptile's system

  • Reptile Uvb Lamp is necessary to maintain proper Vitamin D3 and calcium levels in your reptile's system. When a reptile is exposed to UVB light, the UVB light regulates the synthesis of Vitamin D3 in his skin. It is Vitamin D3 that allows reptiles to properly absorb and metabolize calcium. In fact, UVB light is the primary source of D3 for many reptiles. While you can purchase Vitamin D3 supplements to give to your reptiles, many herps will utilize the Vitamin D3 they make much more efficiently than what they ingest.

    Vitamin D3 functions in a number of different capacities in a reptile's body, including:

        Metabolism of minerals, like calcium
        Regulation of the immune system
        Promotion of proper organ development

    Reptiles that do not get enough UVB light do not make enough Vitamin D3, and they suffer from chronic calcium deficiency, or hypocalcemia. Lack of calcium can cause painful diseases, such as metabolic bone disease.

    While it is highly important that reptiles of all ages get sufficient exposure to UVB light, it is crucial that young and juvenile reptiles get enough. Metabolic bone disease can cause irreversible bone deformities and can be fatal if not treated.

    To serve its purpose, UVB light must fall into the proper wavelengths between 290 and 320 nm. UVB light that is too low will not induce the synthesis of Vitamin D3. UVB light that is too high can raise the skin temperature too high, which also impairs the reptile's ability to create D3.