Ultimately they found the actual guy's profile

  • Ultimately they found the actual guy's profile as well as linked it. Ends up the guy had been some average gamer with something like 2 wins and two hundred and fifty losses, 0. four kill/death ratio. Woops. " "These streamers have direct contact to the developers. The developers even create in their chats. In a situation like this it's 10, 000 vs one, and with 5 mil players, they don't really need any 1 gamer unless you're among the top 15 streamers. This should be a concern for everyone, even if the odds of it affecting you are extremely low. inch

    In the wake from the uproar, lead community manager Sammie Kang, who goes by the actual evocative handle of "poopieQueen" on Tweet, issued an apology for not previously addressing the shortcomings from the current ban program. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds exploded into Early Access in March as well as quickly became the actual PC's most popular battle royale: roughly 100 players parachute from a plane onto a 18x18km island, look for weapons and equipment, PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS skins and fight to the death. All the while, a shrinking circle closes around the island, a blue energy area that damages the health of players caught in it. Players must journey, by foot or even in vehicles, in to the safe area, drawing closer and closer to the remaining players for any final showdown. The last one left alive wins.

    While Battlegrounds doesn't have the organic complexity of Arma, there are still a few things need to know before your own boots hit the floor (and you swap them for different boots). Here are our best tips on staying alive and winning in PUBG. Ctrl+T mutes voice chat. You will want to do this the moment you enter the lobby, that places all the gamers on a tiny island together to run about, punch each other, pick up weapons, and blast each other in the encounter. Your time in the main receiving area, typically, is under a minute, but trust me: you'll want to silence voice chat immediately so you don't have to listen to the players who decide to spend their time in the lobby shrieking or yelling racist slurs www.randyrun.com/PLAYERUNKNOWNS%20BATTLEGROUNDS_items