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    It’s not really that reasonable in order to let people on Twitter decide for everybody, but fortunately, 83% people vote for any slayer requirement as well as 17% vote no in the poll. And more importantly, most gamers of old college runescape degree with the result in general. Using the 95 Slayer requirement, many people wonder if the new boots will be the most valuable slayer loot out there. The answer is yes, and especially a few very nice additions towards the dragon pickaxe ought to have a requirement. For all those more useful falls, you need to have higher Slayer and more Runescape 3 years ago gold to toss in. Although not everything needs to come from Slayer, having a Hellhound Manager as part of the slayer update should definitely require higher slayer, most gamers insist. Further, the slayer requirement is needed on most bosses. Currently, someone can AFK NMZ to becoming maxed or splash to 99 miracle and then go out and do everything/every boss, without any limitations. It is unfair actually to those who play the game. Those who wish to AFK can still have some bosses, however others who wish to play the game should have each and every boss and finish game content instead www.rsgoldfast.com