Food cravings because leech-effects

  • I've tried to react to everyone who's pmed me here or whispered me in-game, but the frequency and volume of requests offers gotten past the stage where I can fairly get back to everyone but still have time to really play.; ) After testing a variety of various skills, Blade Flurry really stood out as a powerful shipping vehicle for blood-sucking shenanigans. The build’s massive attack speed synergizes extremely well along with BF’s mechanics. three. 0 also brought along massive buffs to evasion, that i wanted to abuse both offensively and defensively. Dual-wielding Dreamfeather Eternal Swords while rocking Queen of the Woodland is just insane right now (please don’t nerf me! ). While evasion is great, POE’s all about defensive layers. In addition to crazy higher eva, this build gets decent block chance, ~6k living, and fantastic leech.

    About the only things I die in order to are the occasional 1-shot from Shaper / heavily buffed adults if I’m actively playing sloppy, but that is the case for nearly any kind of build these days. For jewels, you want Optimum Life + Physical Damage + Damage. 4th prop is gravy, but you really want those 3 particularly. Reason-being, *other damage mods can range up BF or bleed but not both! * Unfortunately these jewels are EX+ at the moment, but they assist the damage output substantially. Poe items for sale The Retch offers 200% of your leeched life as mayhem damage, which would'nt be too elegant without the Endless Food cravings, because leech-effects usually would be removed at full life.

    -- Well, with Endless Hunger it's not eliminated. Finally Vessel of Vinktar provides a massive lifeleech-amount based on your own lightning damage (30% base for lower leg. version and 20% for the new one), which is already displaying the direction these people build has to take: Getting as much super damage as possible (more later at following points). A few phrases about slayer becoming played as an archer, which may be weird at the first look, however: Skilling into headsman and brutal fervour provides benefits in order to two-handed weapons, not two-handed-melee-weapons. Even though ribbon are being used with quivers, they are mechanically two-handed weapons