Ball Lightning offers excellent damage

  • Check the damage skill setups on the gem section to know what gems to add. Great Uniques for leveling tend to be Lifesprig, Reverberation Fishing rod, Amplification Rod, Goldrim, Wanderlust and Tabula Rasa, but prioritize a good lifepool as well as capped resistances! Obtain all waypoints you can find. I mention specific waypoints you will definitely require, but generally it's suggested to get them all, because you never know in case you may disconnect or even need to get back to that zone for other reasons. The passive woods goals for each act are just a pointer, if you're short by 1-2 points or even overleveled that's not an issue. We have three different alternatives for out single-target spell, each getting their pros and cons: Ball Lightning offers excellent damage on a fairly good range coupled with low

    casting times and is my personal favorite. Downside is the relatively high Dexterity requirement for Reduced Projectiles. Storm Burst is a pseudo ranged ability and gives good damage through overlapping explosions, which this particular gem setup boost. Downside is its clunky playstyle - you need to channel for approximately 0. buy poe Chaos Orb 5-1s, release and repeat the entire process - as well as huge Dexterity specifications. Lightning Tendrils has the maximum damage potential out of these choices, at the price of a very small range as well as long cast period. Not recommended for HC unless you understand each bossfight! If you test and compare all skills,

    note that spells get their base harm by gem level, so if one spell is considerably lower level than the others it will give skewed results! Empower is once again an option to swap for a lifetime Leech if you want more damage and don't require extra leech. This build can work completely with very basic rare gear - all important stats could be covered with Essence- and Mastercrafting. I have included crafting tips for that purpose. That makes gearing very cheap, as well as enables a sleek progression for beginners as well as SSF-players. Resistances are extremely important - each Elemental Resistance needs to be capped at 75% or you will get enormous issues in roadmaps