Instead of a ellipsoidal field

  • Since Rocket League's battery about two years ago, Psyonix has added a abiding beck of new cars, cosmetics, and bold modes. Those modes ambit from simple alterations to the acreage shape, to alteration the brawl into a hockey puck, to giving anybody air-conditioned power-up abilities. But on March 22, Rocket League will be accepting a chargeless amend with a new admission alleged Dropshot that's not abandoned its a lot of adroit bold admission to Rocket League Crates  date, but aswell its best.

    Instead of a ellipsoidal field, Dropshot takes abode in a ample octagonal arena. The attic is fabricated up of hexagons and breach down the boilerplate so ceremony aggregation has their own side, but there are no goals on any of the walls. Players will instead accept to attainable up the opponent's ambition themselves by animadversion the brawl assimilate the added team's floor. If your aggregation was the endure to draft the brawl and it acreage on a hex on the opposing side, that hex starts to glow. If a aglow hex is hit afresh that allotment of the attic drops out entirely, abrogation a gap the brawl can abatement through to account a point but that cars can drive over normally.