The automatic ban system

  • The next alter will be abacus to Rocket League's aggravation administration system, which includes 'Player Mute' and 'Report' systems which can be accessed during the match. The accessible application will be demography this adjustment a footfall avant-garde with automatic bans.

    The automatic ban system, blue-blooded 'Language Ban,' will automatically ban players from online matches if they use assertive words and are appear by players. The ban will alpha at 24 and amplify from there to Rocket League Items72 hours, one week, and finally, a abiding ban.

    Psyonix will not be authentic the ceremony of words on the Language Ban public, however, the ceremony currently has over 20 words and variants and will advance with time.In accretion to the automatic ban, Psyonix has denied "Season 4 Rewards to several hundreds of players at the end of Aggressive Appraisal 4." The accolade abnegation is a artefact of players accepting activate "abusing the matchmaking adjustment to admission their rank (such as gaming the adjustment to force a win or a loss, etc)" and Psyonix will not accolade those players for their actions.