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    The new ESO gold Wolfenstein is an interesting reboot of a venerable series. Blazkowicz (the original Polish action hero) is reimagined as a freedom fighter, or arguably a terrorist, trying to take down the regime. It looks great, and the gameplay is very old school, with a traditional numerical health value. The guns are amazing, satisfyingly beefy in sound and feel.

    According to Activision Blizzard quarterly reports over the past few years, the company been generating around $1 billion in annual revenue from licensing and other revenues comprisingWoW subs, Call of Duty memberships, licensing royalties, downloadable content and other miscellany. The last report, just issued for the first three months of 2013, shows the company revenues actuallyincreasing,despite thoseWoW subscription declines.

    If you're an Xbox One owner, you'll be able to pick up FIFA 17 digitally for 30% off as part of Xbox Live's Black Friday deals. If you've got a Gold subscription, that discount goes up to 40%. Word of warning: if you played the pre release FIFA 17 demo via EA Access earlier this year, you may find your access to this trial limited.

    Onto the third party games, Bayonetta 2was a lot of fun, and offers intuitive stylus for those who prefer not to use buttons, though of course button input is available as well. The Wonderful 101 was a clever but diddly prototype last year, but this year it is far more polished. Command an army of tiny superheroes and use touch gestures to form them into giant swords, fists, and guns. Colourful and fun, but challenging (it's Platinum Games, after all) and with very cool music.

    Return to Tanval. He'll accept the Skull, with gruff thanks, and gift you with 73 gold in exchange. He'll also start up a new quest, if you press him, by telling you to speak with Holgunn again. Speak with Garyn and he'll lead you right to Holgunn at the western gate.

    Your next NPC in the line is Tanval Indoril. He's standing in the entrance hall of the mansion. He will ask you to retrieve an ancient relic, guarded by his ancestors, which he cannot fetch himself. Be sure to ransack the mansion before you leave I had good luck locating recipes in the drawers upstairs.

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