Zeus Gives a Bleak Perspective on the State in the Na’Vi CS: GO

  • Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko, the in-game leader for Natus Vincere, CSGO M4A4 Skins has released a where he covers the future of the team in addition to discusses the issues they may need to overcome.
    Na’Vi are a Ukrainian workforce that are, at the time of creating, ranked 10th on earth. A string connected with poor performances has left many followers wondering the teams lineup and asking what exactly needs to change to take the pills back to their prior form.
    During the September player break, Na’Vi lost their superstar AWP player, Ladislav ‘GuardiaN’ Kovács, plus brought back their older in-game leader Zeus to fill his or her spot.
    Fans thought that Zeus’ regimented leadership would reform the team, and with a fresh structure they would set out to climb the world search positions once again.
    A 5-8th place finish from DreamHack Masters Malmo showed some assure for the new mattress group, but their eradication from ELEAGUE Top and ESL One particular New York in the party stages, accompanied by their particular failure to qualify regarding IEM Oakland provides thrown doubt around the roster.
    Zeus responded to those doubts inside a vlog he posted on YouTube. He explained that without Mom or dad, their main rifler, Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev, has moved into the particular sniper role identified lost their admittance fragging capabilities.
    He / she also said that he or she knows he has to step up his own online game.
    ”I want to point out a few words concerning our performance within the last few three tournaments. This specific performance was unhappy, it was a complete disappointment and that is the truth. ”
    ”We went to about three different, serious tourneys. No team have fun with, nothing. Why you inquire? It’s obvious. ”
    ”There was Mom or dad playing as the sniper, and s1mple just destroyed every person and made three frags a round occasionally. Aggressive rifler, ridiculous aimer. ”
    ”Right now we have no an aggressive rifler, we have good sniper, but GuradiaN must have been a good sniper also, so then Zeus comes in who does not necessarily add to the team with regards to aim. A captain who sometimes has so-so, I understand i can play far better and I need to engage in better. I agree recover. ”
    He then mentioned the team had well prepared for their tournaments with six maps, although their tactics counted heavily on the man or women skill of each participant, and they were stunned to find all their expertise, such as map understanding and grenades, was forgotten.
    The in-game ui leader said the team needs to start once more with a clean linen.
    ”I needed to put together six maps bare minimum, so the team would certainly play in the semifinals, and so the team had it is your right play there. We all went in with ‘six’ maps ready, nonetheless we relied seriously on our individual talent. ”
    ”Then we all saw, there is no particular skill! It has faded in a year. After i ‘left’ a year ago, individual skill was for another level, details, nades, rotations, comprehension of the map, the right time, teamplay. I went back in, and all I see is wide open sight, at some kind of any loss. ”
    ”We need to sit down and commence everything from a clear sheet”
    Zeus done his statement simply by saying fans should never expect too much from your team in the ‘near future’ as they will need time to practice. Your dog believes everything will continue to work out if they are offered the time they need.
    ”Don’t expect any results coming from us in the near future, merely don’t expect these. CSGO Ak47 Skins Nobody expected that in Gambit, then when Gambit won individuals were like ‘oh our god, this is wonder, it’s unreal, the new breakthrough’. Same thing in this article. Give it time in order that the team can start training, and soon we will see what works, just what exactly doesn’t, and if there exists any sense within my words. ”
    ”So I ask with you, that you fellas listen to me, tune in to us. Believe in we, we need time. Shortly I’m sure almost everything will work out. ”
    Na’Vi will have to answer their issues over time for their next check in the EPICENTER 2017 CIS Closed Qualifier. The team is fighting in the regional qualifier for a spot mainly $500, 000 function in St Petersburg.
    The Ukrainian party came first inside their group with a couple of straight victories and after this they wait to learn who they will deal with in the playoffs.