NO.5 [Poe 3.1] Frostbreath in POE game

  • NO.5 [Poe 3.1] Frostbreath + Ice Crash - a million Shaper DPS

    Start low-priced. Use Frostbreath, Lycosidae with different Cold hurt support to scale damage. get Cold damage to attacks on as many things of gear as you may, Frostbreath doubles it.

    + Not Norse
    + Non-crit Shattering of cheap poe orbs Enemies
    + look very good
    + low-priced - with ability to scale
    + Consecrated ground is pretty sensible, significantly with Soul of Arakaali
    + nice Attack Speed - 200%+ attack speed - defend charge zoom zoom
    + No issues with most bosses
    + Breaches and Harbingers square measure cleared insanely apace

    - Not Norse
    - No Vaal understanding
    - Not your billion DPS build for traditional League
    - cannot Facetank nearly everything

    BY here now... well done, come here for more poe game now!