I am quite happy with this product

  • The accuracy of consumer body weight scales varies widely, making it challenging to track your progress. This is especially true if you are on a targeted plan to lose weight, or maybe you are a sports athlete in a sport like wrestling or boxing, in which you must reach a particular weight to participate in. It's needed to find the most accurate bathroom scale which fits your needs. Analog scales -- the people with the wobbly dials -- aren't very accurate, so that you should avoid them when you really need a precise measurement.


    I ought to say I am quite happy with this product I was just a little scared to begin with because I am a big woman but since the weight capacity is in 400lbs that forced me to be bite my lip a lot more in nervousness because within my heaviest reason my life I was at 498.6 pounds. I excess lbs lost 2 years ago along with down to 298.1 pounds then I got injured again and have absolutely not had the oppertunity to keep up with my weight-loss exercises. After handle a great deal of pain I am finally back in a spot in gaming where I can be active again which body weight scale will help me on my own journey to recovery. The scale is constructed from a tempered glass so that forced me to be even more nervous about stepping within this device but I braved the hurdle and took my initial step on to the unit and it was fine.


    The digital LCD screen lit up using a number that I was very unhappy with but thats my personal personal reasons of why since being down and out on the exercise world I put back over a lot more i then would have liked to obtain dealt with. As my first point was thankfully it offers the capacity for as much as 400lbs because I now weigh in accordance with the scale that we stepped upon it three times to make sure that it was the same all 3 times and sure enough it turned out the number showed a bad 394.6lbs so now with possessing wonderful device in my well being I will be capable to track my progress because I recently have started slowly be active again and eat healthier again which means this time i'm going to drop under 250lbs this scale has truely given me a new reality make sure is for sure and seeing as number is motivation enough to have back in to my better side of life forget about bad choices appreciation for my free item etekcity.ok last one and it came using a cool little measuring tape that has a retractable tape for the push of the mouse button which is awesome


    I've been reading a few of these other reviews and I suspect a gamers are not while using the scale properly. If you just stand into it and read the numbers, and step off and zero it and step back on, most probably you'll get slightly different weights. The same thing happens using the 550 lb. medical quality digital scale on the job where I work. On the other hand, when you stand upon it and stay motionless a couple of seconds until it stabilizes plus the display starts to blink, you'll be able to step off and it also retains the extra weight on the display, THAT is the correct, accurate weight scales. If you zero it and do this again, you will get exactly exactly the same weight, again and again. After reading most of these reviews I just did that, 5 times within a row, and also got the same weight 5 times inside a row, right into the decimal place.The scale looks modern and also the lighted blue display is straightforward to read. The price is correct, as well could you want? If you use it the way that it was designed, over a hard surface just like a tile bathroom floor, and in case you give it time for it to stabilize and now you should the reading, you'll notice that it's perfectly accurate.