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  • The transfers will be handled differently: FIFA's advertisement says Ultimate Aggregation players will be able to admission their FIFA 14 Ultimate Aggregation abounding roster, in-game items and FIFA Bill (which are acclimatized from FIFA Points) amid Xbox One and Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It's about a 1:1 mirroring."All changes fabricated in FIFA 14 Ultimate Aggregation will be reflected in both consoles so admirers will be able to attack with their squads on either animate throughout the season Buy Madden 18 Coins." Further, players "will advance their accustomed analysis in Seasons admission on the new consoles," and teams will admission cachet credibility accustomed on both platforms as well. Again, the advantage is amid Xbox 360 and Xbox One only, and PS3 and PS4 only.

    But what about the FIFA Points? That's the in-game bill bought complete in lots with complete money Madden 18 Coins. That may be transferred alone one time from old animate to new. FIFA Coins, the in-game bill acceptable through approved play, is as advisedly accessed amid consoles as one's players and Ultimate Aggregation items.