NFL schedule 2017 10 worst prime-time ga

  • The NFL is once again trying to make us think every night game on the 2017 schedule is must-see TV, no matter what day of the week. The reality is, even with the inflated ratings, there are some gamesthat aren't ready for primetime.Want to make September-December plans now to see that rockin'concert or go on that hot date?Here are the 10 worst prime-time NFL games you can certainly mi s, counting down to No. 1.PRIME-TIME SCHEDULES: Thursday | Sunday | Monday Night FootballNFL schedule 2017: 10 worst prime-time games10. Broncos at Colts (Week 15, Thursday night, Dec. 14)This one was a lot more fun when there was that whole Peyton Manning thing Donovan Smith Jersey . Now it could be an ugly affair with Andrew Luck getting smacked by Denver's defense and either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch being inconsistent against Indy's weaker D. Hold your horses here and check out another pony and pony show.MORE: 2017 Broncos schedule9. Texans at Bengals (Week 2, Thursday night, Sept. 14)The NFL likes to keep selling this one, even though those of us who weren't saved by midnight ma shad to endure that 12-10 gem lastChristmas Eve.A suming J.J. Noah Spence Jersey Watt is healthy, we know he'll have Andy Dalton and Cincinnati's number like he always does. But don't worry, Tom Savage will likely be in there to bungle Houston's offense, too.8.Steelers at Lions (Week 8, Sunday night, Oct. 29)The Steelers won Super Bowl XL in Detroit to send Jerome Bettis off as a hometown hero. But it's a lot different to see them actually playing Detroit in a so-called marquee game. Rest a sured Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell will return to Michigan to put upLuke Stocker Jersey big fantasy football numbers, so you can just check the box score later. This feels like too much of a Steelers roll to entertain non-Steelers fans.MORE: Steelers schedule | Lions schedule7. Dolphins at Ravens (Week 8, Thursday night, Oct. 26)Ryan Tannehill and Joe Flacco are both tall. But that doesn't mean we're excited to see them have anotherinconsistent pa sing duel under the lights.MORE: 2017 Ravens schedule6. Eagles at Panthers (Week 6, Thursday night, Oct. 12)Shocking. The NFL will try to get Cam Newton battered on a short week. That's just too painful to watch.MORE: 2017 Eagles schedule5. Redskins at Chiefs (Week 4, Monday night, Oct. 2)Gue s the NFL thought this would be the most Bryan Anger Jersey "offensive" matchup of the season.MORE: 2017 Redskins schedule4.Vikings at Bears (Week 5, Monday night, Oct. 9)Sam Bradford. Mike Glennon. Nope.MORE: 2017 Bears schedule3.Bills at Jets (Week 9, Thursday night, Nov. 2)There's no (color) rush to judgment here. This is already hurting our eyes just thinking about it.MORE: 2017 Bills schedule2.Rams at 49ers (Week 3, Thursday night, Sept 21)Why?MORE: 2017 49ers schedule1.Chiefs at Patriots (Week 1, Thursday night,Sept. 7)After what New England did in the Super Bowl, watching Andy Reid getting thoroughly outcoached by Bill Belichick doesn't come close to being a promising sequel. It's a big letdown not to have the Falcons rematch arguably the best game of the 2017 NFL season for the NFL's season opener.MORE: 2017 Patriots schedule