Ryan Leaf weighs in on Deflate-gate

  • Some people may have wonderedwhat it would take for Ryan Leaf to break his silence on Twitter. The answer is Deflate-gate.The former Chargers quarterback was released from prison in December, and hadn't been heard Donte Moncrief Jersey from since. To be fair, not too many are looking for Leaf's commentary on things, so he's been able to fly under the radar.MORE: Ten worst Super Bowl performances| Ray Lewis doesn't think the Patriots' wins are honest | Pre sing Super Bowl questions Of all the John Simon Jersey i sues in the world, Leaf decided to break his silence on Deflate-gate. We've heard from succe sful men in the NFL, and now it's time to hear from the unforgettable Ryan Leaf.It's troubling that the NFL can find the video of a locker room attendant in a week and never see the Rice elevator video ever! Ryan Denzelle Good Jersey D Leaf (@RyanDLeaf) January 27, 2015A deflated ball could've helped the accuracy of the former No. 2 pick when he was in the league. Leaf makes a good point in how the NFL handles certain matters;the shock is that people don't expect him to make such a good point.Perhaps he's . . . /puts on sungla David Parry Jersey ses/. . .turned over a new leaf.