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  • Texas governor Greg Chad Williams Jersey Abbott was watching his beloved Cowboys on Sunday night when they choked away a win to the Saints.Dallas' defense was awful during the Saints' final fourth-quarter drive, which nearly won the game. A mi sed Zach Hocker field goal gave Dallas life in overtime, but again the Cowboys' defense failed and gaveJaron Brown Jersey up an 80-yard touchdown to C.J. Spiller.PHOTOS: Week 4's fantastic finishes and flops | MORE: Jerry Jones on WeedenThe collapse understandably upset the Texas governor. So, like most Americans, he took to Twitter to tweet Tyrann Mathieu Jersey through the pain.*#%>! @Cowboy defense. More porous than the Texas border. Greg Abbott October 5, 2015And, like most Americans, he has bad tweets.Abbott's late-night post caught a lot of negative feedback from his followers and the Twitter community. Many pointed out that he's the governor of Texas, so in a way he's kind of Adrian Wilson Jersey responsible for the Texas border.This isn't the first time Abbott has stuck his head in sports. After Tony Romo's injury the governor suggested the Cowboys sign Tim Tebow.