Fox broadcaster Joe Buck calls Rams situ

  • Fox broadcaster Joe Buck took to Twitter on Tuesday to expre s his displeasure withthe current relocation rumors surrounding the Rams.Buck,a native of St. Louis whosefather, Jack, wasa famous broadcaster in St. Louis,voiced displeasure with Stan Kroenke's recent actions to try tomove the team to Demetrius Harris Jersey Los Angeles and called the situation a joke. Kroenke bought the majority stake of the Rams in 2010 after purchasing a minority stake when the team moved St. Louis in 1995. He played a big role in the team's original Justin Houston Jersey move.MORE: Thousands of Rams fans pack LA practice at Cowboys campKroenke not only has the chance to cash in on LA,but punch a great city that at one point he seemed to enjoy. Esp when Rams were relevant Joe Buck (@Buck) August 25, 2015Suck the life out of a team, run it down, raise prices, then say it isn't supported and leave. Great example for the NFL to celebrate JOKE! Joe Buck ( Tyreek Hill Jersey @Buck) August 25, 2015An owner who wore a NEW Rams hat in Oxnard and acts like he's been there promoting the team while with Jerry-what an insult to good fans Joe Buck (@Buck) August 25, 2015Buck's last tweet refers to the Rams and Cowboys' joint practice se sionsin Oxnard, Calif.One of Buck's followers askedhim on Twitter how much better would the Rams be ifShad Khan, now the owner of the Jaguars,had been able to buy the Rams. Buck'sresponse was"100 percent" better.Editor's note: A previous version of this story indicated Buck called Kroenke a "joke," Eric Berry Jersey but Buck, on Twitter, told Sporting News he was referring to the situation. We apologize for the error.