Adrian Peterson still feels he was judge

  • It's been nearly two years since Adrian Peterson was accused of and eventually plead no contest tohitting his 4-year-old son with a switch.The Minnesota Vikings running back, who was suspended nearly all of the 2014 NFL season because of the incident,says he was unfairly judged in the court of popular opinion.I mi sed an entire season, you know? Peterson told "In Depth With Graham Bensinger," Jalen Reeves-Maybin Jersey via the New YorkPost. I was judged before I was actually judged, you know? But Ill accept it because it didnt break me. It made me a stronger person, a Sam Martin Jersey smarter, more wiser individual. I was actually able to see people, a lot of people, for who they really are.Peterson'sdiscipline left his son with inches-long bruises on his body. He ultimately avoided jail time with a plea ofno contest to a misdemeanor reckle s a sault charge, paid $4,000 in fines, and lost $4.2 million in salary by mi sing 15 games in the 2014 season.As he has all along, Peterson maintained that he never meant Cornelius Lucas Jersey to harm his son it was strictly discipline.MORE: NFL Week 1 picks | Against the spreadI would think that any parent wouldnt intentionally harm their child, you know, and in my case, that was definitely, you know, what it was, Peterson said. It was purely trying to discipline him, and unfortunately, because of errors on my behalf, it ended up differently.Peterson explained that he was disciplined in a similar fashion growing up, which "helped me become the person I am."He said the incident taught him to not be judgmental of others.Just not to be judgmental towards people because after going through that and just seeing other people you know going through different situations as well, just like, man, Laken Tomlinson Jersey you should really find out the details and, you know, before you sit there and start persecuting people and judging people, Peterson said. Just leave it up to the one person to judge.