Petition wants Migos to replace Lady Gag

  • In exactly one week, Lady Gaga will walk onto the world's biggest stageto perform thehalftime showduring Super Bowl 51.However, if thousands Breno Giacomini Jersey of Migos fans had their way, the singer would be replaced by the hip-hop group from Lawrenceville, Ga.Justin G. from San Francisco has started a petitionwith more than JJ Watt Jersey 46,000 signatures,askingthe NFL to replace Lady GagawithMigos.MORE: Lady Gaga wants to sing on the roof of the Super Bowl From the petition:"Very Simple, the Atlanta Falcons are in the Super Bowl and it's gonna be in Houston. Two of the TRILLEST hip hop communities under ONE ROOF. Your entertainment choices have to change RIGHT NOW." "Halftime should be Migos killing Bad and Boujee, Future kills em with March Madne s, then Outkast comes out and does an AQUEMINI sampler and then Brian Cushing Jersey they end it with BUN B and JAY Z DOING BIG PIMPIN!!!!If you're gonna put on a show for billions THIS IS THE ONLY SHOW." Obviously this won't change the NFL's mind, but ifyou want to show support forMigos,you can sign Deshaun Watson Jersey the petition here.