Jason Pierre-Paul details horrifying fir

  • Jason Pierre-Paul is a thankful man withan amazing, terrifyingstory.MORE: OddNFL offseason injuries | Gruesome sports injuriesThe Giants defensive end in an interview with Sports Illustrated told that story: details ofthe July 4 fireworks accident thatclaimed fingers and parts of his right hand.Pierre-Paul, 27, told SI he was hosting an annual cookout in his hometown of Deerfield Beach, Fla., for which he had purchased more than $1,000 worth of fireworks for neighbors, friends and family to enjoy.As the fireworks supply Ted Ginn Jr Jersey dwindled, JPP tried to light one of the last "sticks" but had trouble with wind. Succe s in lighting the fuse immediately prompted horror."I remember a big flash, and I heard boom!" said Farraw German, the mother of Pierre-Paul's son. She was the person who screamed, "Your hand!" when JPP did not immediately realize what had happened.MORE: JPP wants to stop talking about his hand"Im looking at myhand and Im seeing Tyeler Davison Jersey every ligament, Pierre-Paul said. You only see this stuff in the movies."Terrified, Pierre-Paul was rushed to the hospital with his hand wrapped in his shirt. He saidhe uncoveredthe hand a few timesto re-a se s the damage: "You see all your ligaments, your tendons, everything.I saw how the hand really is without skin on it."JPP said his fingers remained attached, technically, by bone and skin as he was transported to the hospital."Jason was in excruciating pain,"Germain said. "He could barely talk; he kept moaning. He was crying, 'Oh, my gosh. What did I do?'"Pierre-Paul went on to detail the hours and weeks that followed theaccident, including his "meetings" with Giants officials and the subtle-but-tricky challenges he faced. He talked about Week 10 against the Patriots last season, when the Terron Armstead Jersey bone in his middle finger popped out and had to be trimmed and sewn back in.MORE: Are Giants in desperation mode?He also expre sed his newfound, gracious attitude."I have no regrets at all (about the accident)," he said."I carry myself differently. I look at things differently. I try not to put myself in horrible situations anymore. I have a lot of people depending on me even people I didnt know depended on me."I could dwell on Bobby Hebert Jersey it, like, 'Damn, I wish I had that finger,' but when I look in the mirror, Im happy. Thank the Lord it could have been worse."The entire story, which includes extremely graphic images (like, horror-film graphic) of Pierre-Paul's mangled hand, is worth your time.