Psyonix has accepted that Overdrive Crates

  • As mentioned above, this new amend is allotment of Rocket League Items the added 2nd Ceremony update, which will add a new accepted amphitheatre to Rocket League.

    Other changes awning the new Overdrive Crate, which will activity new Wheels, Decals, and Black Market items, as able as two Battle-Cars: Animus GP, and Centio V17.

    Psyonix has accepted that Overdrive Crates will be accessible as bound drops afterwards Online matches, while the ceremony amend will aswell awning a new engine audio system, soundtrack options, achievements and trophies and Appetite Explosions.

    The Rocket League Elite Alternation is traveling to be nine-weeks of reside esports activity from Gfinity’s anew refurbished Arena, which started endure weekend.