NFLCoins Facebook 18 Mobile also brings along Madden 18's Longs

  • Longshot Mode. NFLCoins Facebook 18 Mobile also brings along Madden 18's Longshot story mode. This version isn't anywhere near as robust as its console counterpart, but it will provide you with coins for leading Devin Wade through various on-the-field scenarios. Completing most challenges will get you in the neighborhood of 50 coins. This is an easy coin making method.

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    Live Events. This coin making strategy comes having a hefty RNG. These events rotate in between every single few hours (at the shortest) and each and every other week (at the longest). Some will only net you 60 coins -- but other folks will net you upwards of 480 coins. Plus the ideal element about these Reside Events is the fact that you can repeat them as numerous occasions as you want within the allotted time frame, which you are able to uncover through a countdown timer in the leading of each card.

    Madden Mobile 18 Season. This mode takes you through the NFL season, with each quarter being one minute in length. Each game takes 50 energy to play, but you'll be well-rewarded for the investment because each quarter you complete will give you a whopping 200 coins. That's 800 coins for a single game. Throw achievements on top of that, and you'll be rolling in coins in no time.